About Xtreme Cleaning Gibraltar

Xtreme Cleaning Services was founded in August 2017 by business partners Stuart Poggio and Ivan Dominguez Salvador. They both brought together different individual qualities and experience to form a professional partnership. Two individuals from different backgrounds but they share the same values, principles, commitments, attention to detail, work ethics and ambitions. The combination of these qualities have produced a cleaning and maintenance company which excels above the competition by the use of high quality products, the implementation of the highest of professional standards and a unique customer focused service to ensure client satisfaction regardless of the task at hand.

Our Mission

To provide the client with the best service possible at the highest of professional standards. Always ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing in making Gibraltar a cleaner place for everyone.

Some of our Clients

We currently provide our services to a variety of Estates and businesses. At Sir William Jackson Grove we provide 4 cleaners on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. At Bayview Terraces we provide one cleaner and one Caretaker for maintenance work from Monday to Friday. At Barley Hill House we provide a cleaner twice a week.

We provide a daily cleaner from Monday to Friday at the Bar lounge restaurant, Atlantic Suites Health Club or the Valmar Clinic. We also provide cleaners to other local businesses such as: Sportradar, Securitek, Lek Bangkok, Mayfair Hairdressers. Recently, we have provided our services to projects working together with Bovis-Koala at Clemence Suites and with JBS at the Europa Sports Complex and other apartments which require a deep clean for new clients. We provide window cleaning specialists to companies as: Bassadone Motors, Toyota Stock Holdings Ltd, Rock Motors or Lek Bangkok.

We also have a large number of residences in Gibraltar where we provide daily or weekly cleaners on a regular basis.

What our clients say

Very professional service throughout, thanks.

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Stuart Poggio

Stuart Poggio

Company Director

Stuart Poggio is a Director at Xtreme Cleaning Services and has over 10 years’ experience in directing, managing and administering businesses. He has become a recognized individual in our community due to the professionalism that he delivers in every business venture that he partakes in also producing the highest of standards through his work ethics. He thrives in excelling above the expectations and passes this on to his staff therefore ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Ivan Dominguez Salvador

Company Director & Supervisor

Ivan Dominguez Salvador is a Director at Xtreme Cleaning Services. He started as a painter in his early years and then started working in construction sites in Gibraltar over 10 years ago. During this time he started his first jobs as a private cleaner in some residences in Gibraltar. In 2015 he started working for a local company in Gibraltar as a cleaner and his attention to detail and perseverance for perfection earned him a name in our community as his work would stand out amongst the rest.
In August 2017 his resilient work efforts were duly recognised by his now business partner and he was offered the chance to form a new cleaning company and head it in a joint venture as Director. He nevertheless still supervises and when required does the odd cleaning job setting an example to employees of the high standard they are expected to provide.